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SigmaKey 2.27.00. New group of supported for repair Qcom smartphones

Sigma Software v.2.27.00
Qcom Tab:
Released REPAIR feature for new group of bricked Qualcomm Huawei smartphones 
using board software files:
♦ Ascend G620S
♦ Ascend G630
♦ Ascend G6
♦ Ascend G7
♦ Ascend Mate2
♦ Ascend Y530
♦ Ascend Y635
♦ Ascend G660
♦ Ascend G730
♦ G8
♦ GR5
♦ Honor 4
♦ Honor 5X
♦ Honor 7i 
♦ MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro
♦ MediaPad T1A21L
♦ MediaPad T1 10
♦ ShotX
You can find detailed info about flashing in the Factory mode here.
Some users flashed Huawei phones using Factory firmware in a “Full flashing” mode.
As a result all areas were flashed, including factory calibrations areas.
After flashing factory areas, phone’s network and other functions became unavailable.
To meet the needs of our users and to prevent the above mentioned situations, 
we have made some changes in Sigma.
From now on, when selecting Full flashing mode, 
you will have to additionally select factory calibrations areas.
Soon we will release Repair files for some models 
to restore the phone’s operation after the above mentioned cases.
Card update is required.